Allison & Kelly
by Kyle Sheridan
March 4, 2005

    Tap…tap…tap… My mom glanced over at the window and shrieked as she saw a Yogi Bear doll hanging from outside her window with the face melted off, tapping against the window.  My uncle, my mom’s brother, was not always the nicest to my mom when they were kids.  He would do many things to annoy and torture her.
    My mother is about 5’ 5”.  She has dark brown hair with a gray streak through the middle.  She wears a size nine shoe and according to her she weighs 75 pounds.  She is a very nice person, although sometimes complains about the little things, but overall a good person.  She has soft green eyes and is 46 years old.  She was born in Detroit, Michigan.  One of the many things that my uncle did to torture her was pin her down on the floor and recite his accomplishments to her.  “I was the first safety boy of the week, first safety boy of the week, first safety boy of the year at the new school.  I won the Why I Like Michigan Essay Contest, and I got to read it out loud on the PA system to the whole school,” along with many other things that he would recite to her every time that he would make her mad.  My mother was the youngest of four children, the other three being boys, so she was often put in situations as these.  Her other brother Grant once said, “If I wasn’t your brother I would never hang out with you.”
    Kelly and his friend Sean were looking for a football in the garage and they found an old Yogi Bear doll with fur and a plastic face, so they kicked that around instead.  Eventually they kicked the head off of the doll, and that’s when they got creative.  They took the stuffing out of the head, tied a string to the top of the head, and hung over an open pit fire place until they melted the plastic face into a hideous monstrosity.  My mother’s room was on the bottom floor of a two-story house and above her room was the kitchen.  Kelly and Sean took the melted head and tied a string to the top of the head, then hung it outside the kitchen window until it was tapping against my mother’s window.  Later that night she walked into her room, heard a tapping at her window, and opened her window to find the melted face and ran.  The next night Kelly took the melted head and stuck it in a plastic bag and stuck it under her pillow and again scared her.
    Kelly had a myriad of names that he would often call her also.  Some of the things he called her were Alli-Sun, Agnus, Angus (he would say, like the cow, which he also called her), Agni Sun, Agnet, Nosilla, Nostrilla (Queen daughter of all Nosilla’s), Arg, Alli, Ganeshabella, Ag-knotini, Aggutron, Angut, and Agnutty.  Although these weren’t things that tortured her, they were things that will make his memory live forever with us.  One day my mom was on their sailboat in the Great Lakes sitting on the deck with her mom and dad, and they heard a faint coronet playing Taps.  They looked up to see my mom’s teddy bear hanging from a noose from the mouth of a cave.  One of the things that he did to her that she found rather disturbing was pin her down onto the floor, lean over her face, and slowly let spit migrate out of his mouth.  Then right before it would fall, he would suck it back up.  Kelly even made my mother think that she was crazy.  For near two years almost anytime that my mothers parents were not around, and it was just Kelly and my mom with each other, he would not speak in English, but his own special language, this language having only one word, “bez”.  Then when my mom would question this in front of anyone else, he would of course deny it, making my mom believe that she was a mental case.  “Bez bez bezbezbez?”  That could be one of their conversations, my mom not knowing what Kelly was thinking.
    Kelly was never a bad person, he just liked to torture his sister like any other self-respecting brother would.  While not being the nicest person, the things he did to torture my mother will live on forever in story.  He came up with some of the most creative ways to irritate my mother.  Despite the annoyance, my mother loved Kelly with all of her heart.

Kelly Moorhead
December 10, 1955-July 18, 2004