Today was a celebration of and NosillaCast's success!  We have 127 unique visitors from the US, Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Great Britain, Poland and Germany!  I'm so thrilled to have so many people stopping by and listening, I had no idea it would take off this quickly.

Our listening audience is 79% Macintosh, 17% Windows, 4% unknown (maybe that's the linux people?), and even 0.5% Solaris!  I suspect that's John Clingan from Sun...

A great measure of the intelligence of our user community is what browser they use, and I'm proud to announce it's only 9% Internet Explorer!  We're 68% Safari & 11% Firefox.  5% are coming in from iTunes, and 3% unknown.

I do wonder why so few are coming in from iTunes, and missing out on the ease of podcasting - so I asked the users to explain why they aren't using podcasting by dropping me a line at

I've added some enhancements to, so check them out.  I added a freeware/shareware section, which I expect to see change frequently because I love new software!  Added a section on my podcasting tool suite, don't expect a lot of change there though over time.  Also plan to add a gadget page at a later date since I love a new gadget almost as much as I love freeware.

I'm trying to learn to use Wordpress as a blogging tool to publish the shownotes, look for improvements soon.

In the "best mom EVER" category, I pointed the listeners to my other website where I posted pictures of how we burned a model rocket last night.  It was great fun, and very appropriate during Fire Safety month!  Check out the pics and video at

Reviewed two freeware applications:

Widgets from before Apple "borrowed" the idea - cross platform for Mac and Windows.  Very pretty and provide more flexibility that Apple's Dashboard Widgets.

Slick tool for creating web albums of pictures.  java-based, so it works on all forms of UNIX including HP-UX, Solaris, Mac OSX, Linux, as well as Windows and even OS2.  Check out their website for forums, tutorials, and FAQs.  They claim it speaks 24 languages.

I'm looking for a good freeware ftp client, so if you know of one, drop me a line at because Cyberduck isn't quite doing it for me.  I have trouble with it not refreshing properly after I load things on my website, and the folders pop open too easily (and stay open) when I'm just trying to drag past them.  I tried using OneButton, but once I navigated into a folder I couldn't figure out how to go back up (and any kind of clicking on the ..folder icon had no effect), and writing to the developer just got me a bounced back email.