Time Shifter Clock V2

The purpose of this clock is to help you find and communicate a time in the future across multiple timezones when planning a meetup.

  1. Search for your own city.
  2. Search for another city or time zone (e.g. PST). Add cities as needed if you have more than two participants.
  3. Now drag the time shifter by half-hour increments till you see a day and time in the future that is convenient for you.
  4. Click the Copy URL to send times button, and then paste it in a message to your participants.

They will see the date/time exactly as you've sent it. If they don't like the time chosen, they can shift time themselves and send it back to you as an alternate proposal.

If you find Time Shifter Clock useful, add it to your mobile device's home screen and you'll get a progressive web app with a pretty icon and no URL bar.

As you start to slide, clocks will round down to the nearest hour to current time and shift forward from there.

Released as an open source project at github.com/NosillaCast/time-shifter-clock